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I'm a wife,a daughter , a sister, a aunty, a friend, and a person who is just trying to make it in this crazy world we live in...

i have no clue what the hell is going on with me….and it is so frustrating!!! it seems like when im off my period for a few days i start to feel so sick like im gonna puke! and i also been getting so headaches. i had a conversation with my husband last night about me having a fear of not being able to have kids cause when i was 15 i was on the depo shot and then after that i was on the pill then a few years later when actually lost my virginity (19yrs old) i got the depo shot again!…..when i turned 15 i was forced to have birth control cause of my mother and father thinking was going to get pregnant at a young age….i honestly think this really messed me up and it hurts me……my husband think its him but i highly doubt it…

My husband has this weird feeling that im pregnant even though im on my period I told him “no baby it’s impossible” he told me “you never know there’s females who have there period and are pregnant” I feel this is highly unlikely but this is something I need to speak to a doctor about cause to be honest I really dont think I am and the only reason hes saying this is cause he knows girls who went through that 0_0 we’ll see when I see the doctor on the 31st the doctor is probably going to look at ke confused lol

As I expect it came so no baby for my husband and I :( I knew this was going to happen….now im laying here in so much pain I could cry….this really sucks

You were my cup of tea, I drink coffee now.

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So I wake up this morning kinda feel like shit and I do the normal get up and pee (sorry tmi) and there was some light spotting….so idk if its my period or it implantation bleeding -_-…..this is so fusterating

So today im feeling dizzy, nauseous and really tired, and headaches….on top of still waiting on a period to happen….but I keep ththinking to myself no im not pregnant even though everyone else is saying I could me. …..im really trying not to get my hopes up….we’ll see on the 16th

oh and I forgot to mention ive been super moody and sensitive (my poor husband lol)

Day 2 of not having my period and im scared…..mainly scared of not knowing what’s going on if I dont get it by the 16th then im going to have to take a pregnancy test. ….epppp im trying not to think about it lol

I talked to God today and told him my fears and struggles and how I need him and his guidance…..im hoping Im able to atleast have one child. Im a day late on my period we will see if I have it tomorrow or in a week im nervous and ao scared I dont know what to think….all I can do is leave it in Gods hands. …

Sitting out here enjoying the peace and quit all I hear is the wind blowing against the trees and the wind against the windchims….its nice just be outside alone with just my thoughts…..just me and my phone in my hand typing away….

Waking up this morning feeling super nauseous like I did this afternoon when my husband got in the car with pizza (which messed up my stomach) the smell of the pizza really turned my stomach which is weird for me cause I love pizza lol What the hell is going on?

My life is in God’s hands.
I trust and believe in his plan for me.
Although I’ve been a little impatient but I trust when its time it will be the right time….. right now isn’t the right time.
I just wish I wasn’t so emotional :/

It just seems im in one of those moods tonight :(
I’m super emotional…. and I can’t help but feel like I’ll never experience having a baby
It sucks I hate feeling like this…..there are times I just want to cry….I feel like something is wrong with me….it seems like when you really want to be pregnant you can’t but when you don’t you do you become pregnant….. I can’t really explain how I feel to people cause they just don’t understand or care….I’d call my sister but she has a life so I don’t even bother….I know she would get mad if she heard me say that lol
I just can’t help but feel like something is wrong with me?
I’d give just about anything to experience being pregnant and having a baby :(

I always knew I was in love with my husband but I didn’t realize how deep it was…..And tonight was that night when I realized it….I can’t sleep with out him by my side….. I’m seriously going through separation anxiety….. is that unhealthy? Cause I’ve never had this before….. to be honest I feel like its sad that I just barely realized this…..I thought I was in love with my ex but nope that was nothing compared to how I feel about my husband…..I’ve never cried on the phone for him ever!!!! He’s never seen this side of me I normally don’t say how I feel….(which is a bad thing) …..so I’m guessing this is what falling in love is like? I feel so sick right now cause he’s not with me I’m so used to being with him all the time…..I can’t wait to be home with him…..I’m never doing this again…..on the positive side at least he got guy time with my brother(his best friend) so that’s good i guess lol

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